At HIGHCONICS Mobility, HIGHCONICS's subsidiary, we are changing the way the world communicates. As technology leaders in the mobile world, we are proud to help our customers stand out amongst their competitors. We deliver differentiated, end-to-end wireless technology services and solutions for Chipset Manufacturers, OEMs, Operators, and Enterprises.

Services for Chipset Manufacturers

↣Application development

↣End to End Solution

↣Integration and porting

↣Variation and Customization

↣Testing and Compliance

Services and solutions for OEMs

↣End-to-End Device Development

↣Integration and Porting

↣Middleware Programming

↣Application Development

↣including NFC

↣Testing and Compliance

↣Custom development

Services for Operators

↣End-to-End Device Development

↣Integration and Porting

↣Middleware Programming

↣Application Development including NFC

↣Testing and Compliance

↣Custom development

Near Field Communications

Near Field Communications (NFC) is a revolutionary game-changing technology in the mobile device arena. This user-centric technology provides an intuitive, simple and secure connection between two electronic devices. As such, it is widely used in contactless data transfer and management such as contactless payment, transportation and retail.

HIGHCONICS Mobility's expertise in the field has garnered us the Vice Chair position of the NFC Forum, the industry collaboration working group. Our team of professionals has a repertoire of experience in the field of NFC technology as well as in the development of NXP Semiconductors which plays a major role in the execution of NFC technology in consumer devices.

Customized end-to-end solutions and services for Enterprises


↣Enterprise Mobile Productivity Suite

↣Mobile Enterprise App Integration

↣Mobile Payment

↣Mobile Security

↣Mobile Commerce

↣Content Management


↣Mobile App Development

↣Testing & Compliance

↣New Technology Focus

With cutting edge technology and breakthrough engineering practices, HIGHCONICS Mobility has embarked on a journey to help our customers achieve their mobility goals. Allow HIGHCONICS's unparalleled technical expertise and global presence throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas to inspire and take your company's mobile technology initiatives to the next level.

For more information on HIGHCONICS Mobility and our services and solutions please visit our office.