School Administration

School Administration named "School Wizard", permits you to capture, manipulate and present student data in a meaningful manner and generate reports dynamically. It includes various modules such as Student Profile Module, School Billing, School Grading, School Attendance etc.

Institute Administration

Institute Administrative is a complete suite of applications that permits you to automate all aspects of school administration, college administration or the administration of an institute.

The Institute Administration may be seamlessly integrated with Timetable Management, Payroll Management etc. to automate/computerize all aspects of the functioning of a school, college or an institute.

Timetable Management

The School Timetable is an application that automates the various scheduling activities of a school and optimizes the use of premium resources. The time consuming and tedious task of making a timetable is performed easily and seamlessly. The use of graphical wizards makes the generation of timetable easy and user friendly.

Library Management

Library Management System by HIGHCONICS is a user-driven, customizable Application. Primarily designed for libraries, the system's purpose is to reduce information overloaded by allowing patrons to select as little or as much information as they so desire for their personal pages.


HIGHCONICS 's approach focuses on interactive, online, and personalized learning supported by revisions and test questions, thereby increasing confidence and consolidating learning. V-Learn is accessible to learners out of school/work hours, the service leads the way in learner-driven learning.